Pinterest: A Million Ways to Waste Time

Pinterest is a time-waster in the expected way, in that I sit there and pin pictures of skinny 19 year old Austrian girls in outfits I either already have or will never wear. I label these “inspo!”  But I have found a more insidious way that Pinterest wastes your time. By suggesting things that are totally useless.

For example: Make your own cake mix!  This was labeled “I am so doing this!!! Just as good as from a box!”  Ummm, isn’t the point of cake mix that you don’t have to mix it?  What can be the possible benefit? Cake mix only costs a buck or 2 per box anyway and it will sit in your pantry forever, thanks to all those chemical you can’t pronounce.

homemade cake mix

Then there are the fake recycling ideas.  These are ideas to make useless crap out of garbage.  You will eventually decide that the crap you made looks exactly like, oh, I don’t know, a cheesy hot air balloon ornament made from a lightbulb.  And you don’t have any place to hang it.  And did I mention, it looks like crap? So now you’ve spent a couple of hours, and bought puffy paint and sequins, which are filling up your craft drawer until the sequins escape and get stuck in the carpet and the puffy paint dries after that one use and now you are throwing away the lightbulb hot air balloon, the dried up puffy paint, and the sequins.

light bulb balloons

Then there are the cheap home dec ideas.  Pallet floor!  This idea takes the wood from shipping pallets, and you somehow rout those edges into them so they hook together, and you sand them down, and varnish them, and you now have spent double your money and time on a floor made from the cheapest wood available. Take it from me.  Those pallets aren’t going to waste.  Once they’ve been used up as pallets, they can become paper.  Then they will go to waste.

pallet floor

Finally a word about making your own menstrual pads. Yes, there are instructions on Pinterest about how to do this.    Some things are just going to be thrown away. Syringes.  Operating room drapes.  Airways. Toilet paper.  And menstrual pads.  The whole point of purchased pads was that women didn’t have to wear and wash rags any more.  I recycle other stuff.  But if I’m going to sew something useless, I’ll make a stuffed hedgehog out of a stray sock and let the dog play with it.  There’s a pin for that too.

menstrual pads


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My name is Dr. Kristen Cain and I'm an infertility doctor with a passion for women's wellness and having the time to live life to its fullest. I write about women's health issues and time management secrets for young professional women because a good life means having the health and time to enjoy it!
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5 Responses to Pinterest: A Million Ways to Waste Time

  1. Mina says:

    I’m guilty of “wasting” time on Pinterest. Hey, there could be worst things!

  2. Sarah says:


  3. Hahaha – so true. There are great ideas too, but I especially agree about the menstrual pads!

  4. I agree that Pinterest can be a time sucker, but if you look at my boards, you can see I’ve gotten some great inspiration and tutorials for my jewelry-making.

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