Bring Back Budget Beauty Night

When I was a kid, I remember reading through my mom’s magazine stash and being fascinated by the idea of at home spa weekends.  These usually required hours of prep grinding the oatmeal for facial masks and buying the cocoa butter for body scrubs.  It seemed cool, but sort of hard, and I never tried it.

But lately, I’ve begun to do a beauty night.  It’s easy, it’s cheap, and I like it.

The main thing is to take an hour or two to indulge in all the little beauty rituals you’d like to do on a single night.  This can be a weekly routine and unless your kids are toddlers, you can probably find one hour to lock your bathroom door and get in the tub.  If your kids are toddlers, just try to get as much sleep as you can and talk to me in a couple of years.  It gets easier, I promise.  Use this time to pluck your eyebrows, apply the whitestrip, scrub your heels.  If things are bothering you during the week, save them up for beauty night.  Chipped nail polish? Beauty night.   Dry hair? Beauty night.  The beauty of beauty night is that you probably already have what you need at home, except the time to use it.  This is the time to break out the fancy bath basket you got as a Secret Santa gift last year.  This is the time to use that hair mask you bought, or the straightening iron that has been rattling around your drawer because every morning it is just easier to clip it all up.  Brew tea, or pour a glass of wine.  Put a mask on your face.  If you don’t have one, an egg yolk and olive oil works great.  Take a book into the tub with you or prop your laptop on a counter and watch something on Netflix no one else in your family would like.

she could use a leg scrub

Tuesday night is my beauty night.  I haven’t managed to achieve this every week, but knowing that Tuesday is the night, I do tend to look forward to it, avoid other commitments, and plan for what I’ll do during my hour or so in the tub.  It’s a little treat to anticipate during the week, and you can stop trying to remember to deal with your dry heels during the rest of the week.


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My name is Dr. Kristen Cain and I'm an infertility doctor with a passion for women's wellness and having the time to live life to its fullest. I write about women's health issues and time management secrets for young professional women because a good life means having the health and time to enjoy it!
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